Wednesday 10 June 2020

Caught in the Middle of Weird

Hey! How are you today? How's life treating you during these hard times?

Just when you think 2020 can't get any worse, it fucking does. I mean, WTF is going on right now? Is our planet lost in some strange one-way cosmic highway of destruction? It's not enough to have a virus pandemic on the loose, we also have to add asshole racist killers to the mix? Seriously, I really don't know what to expect next.

If an alien invasion suddenly happened, or hordes from hell decided to ascend, I would not be surprised. Ugh.

Personally, I've been spending my days with hubby. Going for walks every day, doing yoga workouts, enjoying nice meals, staying up late, and reading lots while he plays a variety of games. It's fun and helps soothe my wandering mind.

There's a story hounding my brain at the moment and I've been sporadically adding new words to the Word doc on my phone. But I haven't fully committed because there's a pesky thing called jury duty that's like a really dark storm cloud hanging over my head that I can't clear away. It's smack-bang in the middle of the month and this thing's making me so anxious I keep having nightmares about it. 😲

I feel like I can't fully concentrate on my next project until this shitty thing is done.

You know, if this was taking place last year, I would've been fine and dandy with it. But during a pandemic? Not so much. This is screwing with my head and I'm caught between hoping it gets cancelled again and just getting it over and done with so I can fucking move on already.

This shit's been haunting me since February. 😣

At least it hasn't gotten in the way of my reading. As you can see below, I've been busy reading up a storm. Paperbacks, Kindle books, a combination--I'm picking up one book after another.

I even sorted some of the many piles of books I have around the apartment. Which reminded me about all the awesome books I want to read.

Anyway, it's been a few weeks so I thought I'd post an update about my state of mind and what I've been doing.

Hope you're all staying safe. And also, don't forget that people deserve to be treated as equals and with respect, and that Black Lives Matter.

Take care!

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