Tuesday 5 May 2020

THE SKULL by Philip K Dick

The Skull
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love reading Philip K. Dick stories because they never disappoint. In less than thirty pages, he manages to deliver an outstanding story with fully fleshed characters, a future world and vivid imagery.

Conger is a prisoner who is given a second chance. All he has to do is go back in time and kill a man who will alter the future in a way this Council does not approve of. And all he has to ID this guy is his old, yellowed skull...

I REALLY enjoyed this. It's such a great story, perfectly blending the paranoia of a future civilisation and that of the past. While leading the reader by the hand towards a very cool twist ending.

Whether short story, novella or novel, this amazing author always manages to sweep me away to other worlds that are different, yet so familiar. His writing also has a timeless quality to it that never ages the story or characters.

The future people and those from the 1960s featured in this very clever story could've been penned decades ago, or months ago.

Also, I liked Conger. The poor guy seems to encounter spiteful assholes no matter what time he goes to.

Very impressed.

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