Wednesday 6 May 2020

MR. SPACESHIP by Philip K Dick

Mr. Spaceship
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Since I picked up several Philip K. Dick shorties for my Paperwhite last week, I thought I'd read a few this week. And this is the one I chose for tonight, because I love the title. 😊

Putting a human brain inside a spaceship so that it controls it and helps in the fight to defeat human's latest enemy sounds like a great and innovative idea. Until the test drive reminds everyone what a human brain is capable of...

Of course I knew this wasn't going to end well. Or even how the characters expected everything to go. Putting a human body inside anything mechanical is asking for trouble, and they certainly get it here. Except, it's not how they expected.

What starts out as a tale full of mechanical and technical terms describing the engineering behind this decision soon shifts into a very human story. Kramer is separated from his wife Dolores because their jobs keep them busy and managed to come between them. But they weren't counting on the brain of someone they both knew from their past taking control of more than just a ship.

Once again, I'm in awe if his writing skills. This story could easily have turned out to be boring and dull, but the easy manner that he turns all his SF into human stories always ensures it ends up being so much more.

Oh, and I like the visuals his descriptions evoked while on the moon. Plus the commentary about humanity's unhealthy obsession with war was also very true.

Great story!

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