Saturday 14 March 2020


The Headless Ghost (Goosebumps, #37)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Goosebumps I read today was another paperback in pretty scabby condition, but it was definitely very entertaining.

Duane and Stephanie love to haunt the streets of Wheeler Falls at night and scare the kids while they sleep. But more than that, they love going to the abandoned Hill House for the ghost tours.

All of that changes when they meet a mysterious boy called Seth...

Oooooooooh. This is a creepy haunted house story featuring two kids who love to scare each other as much as scaring others.

I really liked the Hill House ghost tours because this angle introduced a very cool story-with-a-story vibe that only added to the overall spooky feel of the book. The house itself is also very interesting because the rooms and hallways have tales of their own to tell.

Although Duane and Stephanie annoyed me at the beginning of the story with their immature behaviour while trying to out-fright each other, I loved how everything sort of shifts along the way enough for them to grow on me.

Oh, and the twist ending was very cool. Of course!

I'm a sucker for haunted house stories so I got a real kick out of this one. 👻

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