Tuesday 10 March 2020


Be Careful What You Wish For... (Goosebumps, #12)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Here's my fifth Goosebumps book in a row! I'm really enjoying binge reading these. Their physical condition might be questionable, but the words inside are entertaining the hell out of me.

Samantha (Sam) Byrd hates Judith Bellwood because her classmate is a terrible bully who takes advantage of her being a bit of a klutz. Playing on the girls basketball team doesn't help because she's not very good.

But one stormy afternoon, after she helps a strange old lady, Sam gets the chance to make three wishes and everything changes...

OMGosh. I've got one word for this book: awesome! 

I LOVED this story because it was full of so many ups and downs. Some of the stuff that happened to Sam was quite terrifying. I mean, that ending was shocking. Absolutely shocking because I didn't expect it. 😱

I liked Sam. She was a great character. A girl who's taller than everyone else and so aware of the fact that she's super clumsy. Always trips over her feet and the bullies are there to make her feel worse. And because of that, I totally understood her anger and even the irresponsible wishes she makes.

Stine writes such great kids.

This book is pretty freaky, but there's also plenty of fun. I kept cackling after Sam makes her third wish because how that turned out was hilarious! 😂

Man, every time I read one of these books they become my favourite because they're all fantastic. ❤

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