Wednesday 11 March 2020


A Shocker on Shock Street (Goosebumps, #35)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my sixth Goosebumps this week. It also happens to be the last scabby copy on my TBR pile. And boy, was it a good one!

Erin and Marty are best friends and they love watching horror. The Shocker on Shock Street movies are their favourites.

When Erin's father surprises them with the chance to be the first guests to visit the new Shocker Studio Theme Park, they can't wait. But these kids get much more than they bargained for...

O.M.G. This book turned out to be such a nightmarish trip!

Everything starts out normal enough. Two kids who love scary movies (totally get it) have a fave series they adore (yep) and when they get the chance to go to a theme park based on these movies, they're super excited. Normal enough, right? Except, once they actually get there, Erin's father starts acting strange and their tour slowly turns into a dangerous adventure.

The way this story is written really hooked me in. I felt as disoriented as the kids. I lost sight of what was real, and needed answers as badly as they did. And when I reached that ending, this was me: 😲.

I swear, I didn't expect that amazing twist, but it was so cool. As soon as I read the last chapter, everything else that happened before suddenly clicked into place.

As far as the kids go, Erin was a great character. I enjoyed going on this ride with her and felt so bad because of everything she went through. Marty, however, was really annoying. He got on my nerves, which was probably always the intention. But I did like their friendship.

There's no doubt that Stine knows how to write awesome creepy tales full of freaky monsters that get under your skin, but he also writes real and honest friendships. He totally gets all the good stuff about being friends, as well as the stuff that isn't so great.

Anyway, loved this book as much as the others.

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