Thursday 19 July 2018

CAREER OF EVIL by Robert Galbraith

Career of Evil (Cormoran Strike, #3)
Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Since the fourth Cormoran Strike book comes out later this year, it was time to get the third one read. And just like the others, I absolutely LOVED it.

The day a package arrives at the office for Robin, she assumes it's something for her upcoming wedding to Matthew. But when she opens it and finds a woman’s severed leg, their small business is thrown into a chaotic spiral that threatens to tear apart everything Robin and Cormoran have worked so hard to build.

While the police focus on the wrong suspect, Cormoran is forced to face some very uncomfortable teenage memories. He also finds himself recalling several unsavoury and violent men he's had the misfortune of meeting during his career.

This situation doesn't just send Cormoran down the dark memories of his past. The same happens to Robin, because a killer has set his sights on her and she's determined to never become the victim again...

Yikes! This book is SO good.

Even though the subject matter takes the reader to some very dark places and the violence against women is sickening, this very well-written story pushed me to keep moving forward.

The characters are amazing. I love Cormoran. He might be grumpy and rough around the edges, but he's a big softy hiding behind the tough exterior he's cultivated for years. He cares about Robin, but usually comes across so gruff he ends up saying the opposite of what he's feeling.

And Robin is such a great character. She's smart, strong, caring, efficient, and ruthless with her determination to get the job done. I love her tenacity. The only thing that bugs me about her is Matthew. He's so annoying, and his attitude and actions in this installment got on my nerves.

Both Robin and Cormoran are awesome, but the supporting characters are just as interesting.

Career of Evil is a suspenseful addition to this great series. The gross mystery at the core of the story might be disturbing, but totally gripped me from start to finish. I didn't want to put it down, needed to read in long stretches because the intrigue kept me hooked to my Paperwhite.

Robin and Cormoran make such a great team.

Robert Galbraith has done it again!

Can't wait to see what happens next...

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