Saturday 14 July 2018


Blood and Magick (Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty Hunter #3)Blood and Magick by James R. Tuck
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After enjoying the hell out of the first two books in this trilogy, I was really looking forward to reading the last book in the Deacon Chalk trilogy. BUT, I kept putting it off... for several years! LOL.

Anyway, this month I decided it was time to finally find out how his story ends.

Deacon fights monsters all the time and, since his encounter with an angel after his family was killed years ago, isn't fully human himself.

Monsters are everywhere, so the night he's out having dinner with his girl and some close friends and a trio of witches attack the restaurant, he's not surprised.

These crazy witches want the blood of three were-dog kids Deacon happens to know, so he's determined to get to the bottom of what's going on before they kill more innocent people. And that means teaming up with a tough agent, stopping these ruthless witches, and in the process putting his own people's lives in danger...


This book was so action-packed!

It's explosive, and doesn't let up. It's like a non-stop action movie that speeds ahead and never slows down.

There are so many awesome scenes in this book, but there's this one particular one that takes place inside a movie theatre that blew me away. There are zombies, vampires, guns, witchcraft, and a magical battle inside a cinema that I couldn't put down. Wow.

I love Deacon's voice. He doesn't take any crap, isn't afraid of anyone and isn't shy about voicing his opinions. He's also tough as nails and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the ones he cares about. Which leads me to the amazing characters: Father Mulcahy, Tiff, Kat, Ronnie, Boothe, Agent Heck... They're all SO cool.

I'm very excited to have finally reached The End of Deacon's story.

This is a great UF trilogy!

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