Tuesday 12 June 2018


The World According to Wonder WomanThe World According to Wonder Woman by Matthew K. Manning
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I've been a Wonder Woman fan since I was a kid. She's my fave, so I collect WW books and collectibles. So when hubby surprised me with this book, I couldn't wait to read it.

I picked it up today and read it in a few sittings. It's such an informative book! Told in the POV of Wonder Woman/Diana, it starts from the beginning. How hard it was growing up in Themyscira where the other Amazons never really accepted her. How she rescued Steve and then won the chance to go to the world of man. Being a member of the Justice League, becoming the God of War, how she felt finding out the truth her mother hid from her, and all the gods, monsters and superheroes she knows.

There's a LOT of awesome stuff in this hardback volume. The stories WW tells are interesting, and are accompanied by gorgeous artwork. There are even fold-out posters and a map, reports, clippings... so much excellent stuff to read and look at.

I loved every single page. The stories, even though I knew most of them, captivated me because there really was new info. Oh, and I got a kick out of her getting involved with Superman. Totally ship it. ;)

I'm so excited about adding this book to my ever-growing Wonder Woman collection.


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