Tuesday 2 January 2018


The Princess Saves Herself in this One (Women are Some Kind of Magic, #1)The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace
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This is actually my daughter's book. She got it ages ago and really enjoyed it. I've had my eye on it for a while. So I thought this might be a nice way to start my reading year.

I picked it up after my morning walk and was finished before it was time for my morning cup of tea. Not just because it's relatively short, but also because they hooked me in and I didn't want to stop.

Every single one of these poems is raw and honest and so heartfelt. I love how the princess trope is applied to contemporary suffering (eating disorder, self-harm) and achievements (finding yourself, unconditional love) and even older, but still familiar issues (family problems, deaths). Each poem stands in its own but is definitely part of a bigger picture.

I truly enjoyed this and think girls and women should read it at least once. All the issues dealt with in this very emotional book are ageless. Besides, the poems themselves will hook you in.

This was definitely a great choice as my first book of 2018.

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