Tuesday 2 January 2018

How I ended the year...

So, this happened over the last two nights of 2017:
(Posted on Twitter: 30th Dec & 31st Dec)

On Saturday morning, while it was raining outside and I was chilling on the couch with hubby, one of my short story ideas started whispering inside my head.

So I grabbed one of my (many) notebooks, a pen and started writing. I wrote a couple of pages, put it aside and figured this was a good start. A story I could then finish on my laptop later in the week.

I got on with my day, but when we settled down for the evening and hubby started playing 80s film clips on YouTube I got the itch to keep writing. And wrote a total of ten pages before bed.

The next morning, I added a few more pages and kept putting it aside. But in the background, this spooky tale of friendship was quickly unfolding. It wouldn't stop trickling into my head, working itself out faster than I expected. So while we waited for the New Year to hit and hubby was once again playing 80s tunes on the telly, I grabbed the notebook again.

I wrote and wrote, and wrote some more...

Twenty-eight pages of longhand later, I was finished. The first draft was now a total of thirty-eight handwritten pages. And I'd finished before the new year! Very cool.

I honestly hadn't expected to finish the short story over a few nights, but was super excited that I did. Yay.

Now I have to type it up and put it aside for a few days. At this stage I have no idea how many words I ended up writing, so I'm looking forward to finding out.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a little something about the spark of unexpected creativity that hit me just before 2017 ended.


ETA: I just typed up this short story & thirty-eight handwritten pgs turned out to be eleven typed pages. Or 4,042w.

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