Saturday 4 November 2017


The Haunting by Alex Bell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I borrowed this book from the library because it sounded interesting and also because I lurve YA horror. So I was really looking forward to getting stuck into it and couldn't put it down. But because I started NaNoWriMo this week, I had to and instead rewarded myself with reading a bit at the end of each day. :)

The Waterwitch inn has a dark history of ghosts, curses and witches. It was also built using the salvaged timber from the actual cursed ship with a horrifying history of betrayal, torture and revenge.

Emma is confined to a wheelchair and seven years after her accident, she goes back to Looe to visit her sick grandmother. She warns her about going back to the inn because it's dangerous, but Emma can't stay away. Not when she notices a light inside the inn in the middle of the night. And especially not when she finds out her childhood friends are actually staying there.

But the curiosity of these three teenagers and their need to escape leads them into a whole lot of trouble. And one of them in particular will discover a hidden legacy that might curse them all...

This book is CREEPY. In the best way possible.

It's also very well written because the story is told in the first-person POV of three characters and each of them is very different. Emma, Jem and Shell provide insight on what's going on around them at any given time, but they also move the story forward and fill in all the blanks for the reader. And that is an outstanding narrative tool. One that is done perfectly in this book. *thumbs up*

I also liked the mystery and history at the heart of The Haunting. I found the events that happened on the Waterwitch ship to be fascinating, and the witch angle so intriguing. Not to mention that the vivid descriptions made me feel as if the ocean was constantly leaping off the pages.

There's something really horrifying and sad about the history of witches that always makes me shed a tear. The persecution of women has a long and disgusting trail of hate and lies, but none as filthy and infuriating as the witch hunts. Makes me angry and fills me with sadness. :,(

But anyway. I really enjoyed this book. It's an excellent horror story with interesting characters I cheered for, and creepy visuals I got a real kick out of.



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