Thursday 14 September 2017

Time for a New WIP!

That's right! 

After spending a lot of last week working through my notes for this idea and brainstorming the beginning, I finally started writing a new story. Yay.

It wasn't an easy week to start something new because my daughter's doing her Year 11 exams. That means she's only going into school for a few hours every morning. Plus, we've been dealing with this NBN connection prob for several weeks now and had two different technicians come in on two different days.

So, yeah, all of the above has taken time away from actual writing. :/

Still, I'm not letting anything stop me from tackling my next first draft because this story is SO ready to be told. It's been inside my head for months now. Waiting very (im)patiently. LOL.

The idea first came to me while watching Annabelle. It was just a simple, very random thought that struck me during the movie. Such a strong thought I ended up writing it down afterwards and then started jotting more notes instantly!

As you can probably guess from the graphic above--and if you follow me on Twitter--this novel is about demonic possession. Or at least my take on one of my fave horror tropes.

So far I'm really enjoying it.

Like my two previous WIPs, this is another YA horror about creepy stuff, a strong girl, her family, friends, and the demonic.

I'm once again aiming for 50-70k, and because I would like to have this draft finished by the second week of October (when hubby has a week off work), it would be cool to write between 3-4k/day from Mon-Fri. Yeah, I like to take the weekends off.

It's filling my head so much I haven't been able to concentrate on reading anything. All I want to do is think about my story, keep researching stuff and taking notes. Not to mention that with so much going on, I'm totally buggered by the end of each day.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'll be back for my first progress post on Friday.

See ya!

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