Friday 8 September 2017

Reading & Thinking & Brainstorming

Hey! How's it going?

There goes another week. Man, they sure go fast! O_o

Although I plan to embark on a new WIP this month, I just wasn't ready to start yet. Not so close to the revision I just finished. Not when I wanted to think and brainstorm some more. So, I spent the week updating files, researching demonic stuff, reading a book I was enjoying (until I wasn't), and brainstorming the WIP.

This is a story that's been inside my head for months, so I'm totally ready to get started. BUT, at the moment everything is just crowded in there and I needed more time to get everything into some sort of sequence. LOL.

I'm really happy with all the notes I took, the research I collected, the inspiration pics I added to the collection, and the direction the story is going.

Oh, and I'm taking part in #authorconfession on Twitter. So if you want to find out a bit more about the novel I plan to write, check out my timeline. :)

The other thing I spent most of my week doing is complaining about how our internet connection keeps dropping out. It's seriously awful. Less than a month ago we switched our cable to NBN, which is supposed to be the future of internet in Australia. Instead, it's a burning sack of shit. It's so frustrating. Terrible.

After a thousand calls and my constant complaining on Twitter, they're finally sending a technician next week. I really hope this gets sorted out soon because it's making me fucking crazy!

*fingers crossed*

Well, that's about it for this week.

Hubby & I are going on a date to watch IT tomorrow. I hope it's creepy, fun and awesome.

Have a great weekend!

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