Friday 1 September 2017

Last Week of Winter

That's right! Can you believe winter is finally over? That's a good thing because I'm done wearing layers of clothes. Ugh. Besides, I hate how my hands are always cold and sore enough for the skin to tear. Ouch!

I'm so ready for spring. Although, I'm not sure about September! Can you believe it's SEPTEMBER already!? O.o


After finishing a draft--whether it's first, second or third--I like to take (at least) one week off. It's just nice to take a breather in between projects, you know? I usually take this time to sort clutter, read and dream about ideas. Sometimes I even watch stuff.

This week I watched the Wynonna Earp S2 finale, and boy was it AWESOME! This has become one of my favourite shows, and one I watch alone because hubby & daughter aren't into it. But I love it! This show is as effortlessly feminist as it is diverse. It's so much fun, but full of serious issues. It's a simple premise that presents a lot of scary consequences, and takes many twists & turns. Not to mention the one-liners are LOL-awesome, and the characters keep me hooked.

Yeah, I love this show. :)

Asides from that I picked up two books I ended up DNFing. One because it was annoying and the other was super boring. I did read a deliciously wicked short story online, and am now halfway through an excellent thriller.

So this week's reading was a bit of a mixed bag.

I also spent some time tidying up notes for my two WIPs, as well as starting new Revision Lists for both. I got a bit of brainstorming done on my new phone & added stuff to my idea notebook. I've also been sorting a bunch of inspirational pics on my phone for each idea, which included a complete overhaul at the beginning of the week.

So, there you have it. I did get quite a bit done, but at a much slower pace. It was nice to have a short to-do list for a change.

Now I'm going to enjoy a few days off with hubby.

Have an excellent weekend!

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