Friday 11 August 2017

Revision: Week One

So, another week is almost over. Yikes! And this time I went in with some goals.

If you read last week's blog post, then you know that I wanted to tackle a few things this month. I like to break them down into weekly lists because it makes it easier to achieve. :)

So, this week I had three things I wanted to do:
  • Start the second draft of YA Horror novel--let's call it Haunted from now on--and hopefully reach page 92
  • Read library book (ONE OF US IS LYING)
  • Keep brainstorming next WIP

I started the week strong and kept the momentum steady by working on revision during the day, and reading at night. But I also had a bunch of non-writerly things to do so that took up time I might have used for brainstorming/taking WIP notes.

Not to mention that I woke up feeling super wonky this morning and with a pesky pain on my (left side) ribs. I have no idea how I hurt myself, but I reckon I must have pulled a muscle or something. Like I said above, I did a lot of stuff. Plus, the NBN technicians were scheduled to come and set it up, so... that threw things out even further. 

Long story short: I took today off. Which for me means finishing the book I was reading. Of course. ;)

Anyway, this is what I achieved this week:
  • Started the Haunted second draft and reached page 77/196. Added 7,373 words and I'm really enjoying getting back into the creepy life of this small town.
  • Read and reviewed ONE OF US IS LYING by Karen M. McManus. Even returned it to the library!
  • Soooooo much washing and other real-life stuff that EXHAUSTED me.
  • Went for two walks every day.

What I didn't do:
  • Any brainstorming for next WIP. :(

Even though I didn't get everything on the list done, I'm still quite happy with the progress and will keep working on the revision next week. Not sure if I'll reach the end by next Friday, but I've got the rest of the month anyway.

So, that's this week's hits and misses.

BTW, Atomic Blonde was okay. It was a case of style over substance. It looked stylish and the fight scenes were awesome, but the story was weak. The characterisation too flimsy. Oh well.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend of hanging out around the house with hubby, going for walks, eating nice meals and just bumming around.

Have a good one!

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