Sunday 13 August 2017

DEFENDING TAYLOR by Miranda Kenneally

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love the Hundred Oaks series, and yesterday I decided it was time to start the next book in the series. So I grabbed my Kindle and got started... less than 24 hours later, I finished it. Because I couldn't put it down.

Taylor comes from a wealthy family. Her father is a senator, both of her siblings are attending good colleges, and she loves her boarding school. But when she covers for her boyfriend when the school finds pills in his backpack, she gets expelled.

Now she finds herself in a public high school, and is a disappointment to her family. Her family thinks she's addicted to pills and when her ordeal becomes public, it even affects her father's chance of re-election. So she can't tell the truth without making the situation even worse.

The only things getting her through this difficult time in her life is re-connecting with an old crush, and soccer. But will Ezra and soccer be enough when her carefully-planned future seems so out of reach?

I loved this book!

Taylor's voice is so strong and interesring that it sucked me right in. Her ambition and motivation comes across through her actions. But she's also vulnerable. As much as she pushes herself in her studies to achieve the future she's always dreamed of, she's not always doing it for the right reasons. But she desperately wants to do the right thing and speaks her mind. I loved that about her!

Her connection to Ezra is so sweet. He's got his own problems. An old misunderstanding derailed them, so it was so nice to see them get to know each other again.

It's also very cool how these books deal with love and sex in such real and honest ways. Even with the conservative backdrop around them, these kids follow their hearts and hormones. :)

I'm so glad I decided to check this out. I missed Hundred Oaks

This is still one of my favourite series.

Also, the bonus short story about Jordan & Henry was a perfect treat. It's always great to catch up with the couple that started everything

Can't wait to read the next book.

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