Friday 9 June 2017

Current WIP: Week Two

Welcome to my second current WIP update! :)

This week turned out to be a little topsy-turvy because I had a few real life things to deal with. I had an appointment to go to, my daughter started school later than usual a few times, and just basic headspace stuff that sucked up more time than expected.

Nothing huge, and not enough to completely derail my progress. Though I did miss one writing day. But I'm not stressing about it. For this draft, I promised myself that getting 2k done on any given day was fine & dandy.

I've given myself a whole month to get this done, and I'm pretty sure I'm still on schedule. Well, I'm actually ahead of my target word count because the story was already started, but you know how neurotic writers can be. At least, I am. Sometimes.

Anyway, here's my daily w/c progress for this week:
  • Monday: 27,394  (added 3273w) 
  • Tuesday: 27,394 (added 0w) 
  • Wednesday: 29,517 (added 2123w) 
  • Thursday: 32,183 (added 2666w) 
  • Friday: 36,084 (added 3901w)

The story itself is moving along nicely. There's plenty of creepy stuff happening, the plot gets darker and thicker, and I'm enjoying the hint of romance. Not to mention that I really like my main character.

Plus I'm having a great time researching urban legends and other freaky stories from around the world. It's so much fun!

I squeezed in a bit of reading and loved this super geeky book.

Well, the weekend is here and this one goes for three days, so yay.

Have a nice one!

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