Wednesday 1 March 2017

BEHIND HER EYES by Sarah Pinborough


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

O.M.F.G. That ending. WTF?! O.o

You know, I worked out Adele's secret along the way, and even her intentions eventually dawned on me. But what I didn't expect was that ending! Yikes.

So, um. Yeah. Let's talk about the story.

Louise is a single mother who works part-time as a secretary. She loves her son. She's still not able to trust men after what happened with her cheating ex-husband. She's got a good friend who's always got stories to tell.

The one night she goes out and meets a man she actually likes at a bar... he turns out to be her new--very much married--boss! Ouch.

As shocked and embarrassed as she is, they still have a mutual connection. But then she accidentally meets his wife. And they become friends! Yep. Now Louise is caught between her affair with David and her friendship with Adele.

The deeper she gets with both of them, the more she realises how bad their marriage is. Their picture-perfect exterior hides some festering secrets, and a toxicity that is catching...

Wow. This is some story! It's very well written. The breadcrumbs are many, but there are so many different things going on that it's not easy to know where to apply them. There's also a freaky thread that I didn't expect and totally throws the story into a spin.

Louise was a kind, lonely woman wanting to find her place and be a good friend. But she's also got too many trust issues, is quite gullible and let's be honest, drinks too much wine.

Adele is a beautiful woman who uses her looks as a way to ensnare and deceive and control. She enjoys playing games and is SO OBSESSIVE about her husband that it's a sickness. She's pretty fucked up, really.

Together, the alternating POVs of these two women take the reader on a wild thrill ride with a hint of horror. And it's SO good. I loved this book. It hooked me instantly, and I wanted to take my time with it... but when I got halfway I just had to know where this story was going to end up.

And in typical Sarah Pinborough style, it didn't disappoint. She sure can write a wicked, twisty tale with characters you love, you hate, and love to hate.

Excellent book!

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