Thursday 2 March 2017

A Sudden Change

The current and  very sudden shift in my author life has really thrown me into a bit of a dizzying spin. 

So I wanted to write a blog post about it...

While it hasn't changed the fact that I'm still an author and will never stop telling stories, it's definitely thrown all the hard work I put into TWELVE books (10 pubbed, 2 contracted) into disarray. Regardless of wherever my writing journey was headed, I guess I always counted on Sierra & Co. + Recast to be out there and available for new readers to discover.

That's not what's happened. Every single one of these books disappeared as soon as the Samhain website went dark. And soon, they'll also disappear from other retailers. I'll even--eventually--get my rights back.

Do you know what that means for me? It means that as of right now, I have ZERO published books. It almost feels like the hard work I put in during the last eight years has resulted in nothing. Of course it doesn't really mean that, because I'll never regret writing these books and will always be grateful for the opportunity to have them available to the world. But the fact remains: I now have nothing to show for all that writing, revision, editing and marketing.

And that makes me sad. 

There's no point in denying it, because deleting all of these books from my website is going to be sad. 

I've now become a published author with no published books. 

What does that mean for me? Well, I won't be rushing out to self-publish these 12 books. They'll just sit for a while. I'm not sure what I'll do with them, if anything at all. And if I did decide to sub or self-pub any of them, it wouldn't be right away.

So, I'm just going to keep writing. I'm determined to keep telling the stories that I can't shake. And I'm going to get back into the submission cycle. Maybe this time I'll target several places, and not put all my eggs in one basket. I don't know.

The one thing I will NOT do is give up. I've been here before and I'm determined to move forward. Besides, self-publishing is something I would like to do in the future. But I won't jump into anything until I'm comfortable with the idea. 

Well, that's about everything I've got crowding my head right now. This is a melancholy post, but not in a negative way. It's just my way of dealing with this situation, letting go, moving on and being honest. As well as realistic.

Don't feel bad for me, I'm cool. 

This is what I intend to do:

Keep writing.
Keep submitting.
Never give up.

Wish me luck!

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