Monday 23 January 2017

Raising Some Progress

Remember this beautiful cover? The always awesome Kanaxa made it, and it's absolutely perfect. So perfect for the book that I was devastated when I thought it wasn't going to make it to publication.

But, that's changed now.

This book is the second Elsewhere book. It's also the last book in the duology. The original release date was supposed to be late last year, but then Samhain Publishing closed down. So I got the rights back. When the publisher opened again, I decided to sign a new contract for this book. 

You might be wondering, why? Why did I re-sign with Samhain after everything that happened? Well, after some thought and chatting with hubby about it, it just made sense for THIS book--as I said above, the last installment in a duology, and technically the last book in the Sierra Fox world--to be published in the one place.

So, RAISING SOME HELL has been added to the 2017 New Release schedule. Yay.

I'm really excited.

I actually spent the last two weeks working on the first round of content edits, and it's been nice to return to this book after a longer than expected hiatus. Though I have to admit, it was hard work because my editor, Laura, spotted a bunch of things that needed to be fixed. Nothing huge, but cosmetic things that totally made sense. Not to mention that after such a long time, I found quite a few things I wanted to fix myself. :)

It's amazing what a difference distance makes. I was very critical about every word. But you know what? It's awesome, because after the extensive work, the book is going to end up being SO MUCH better.

So, what's this book about?

It's Willow's book. If you've read the Sierra Fox series, you'll know who she is. ;) This book takes place five years after the first Elsewhere book.

So, there you have it. This is not only the first project I'm focusing on in 2017, but also some cool news.

I'll post the blurb soon...

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