Saturday 21 January 2017

BONE GAP by Laura Ruby

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

O.M.G. This book, it is awesome!

Last weekend, I started two books. By mid-week, I'd lost interest in both of them. So I grabbed my Paperwhite and started this one. I'd heard great things about it and was intrigued by the blurb.

And I was hooked instantly.

Bone Gap is a strange place, and the people who live there are a peculiar bunch. But when the mysterious Roza arrives, they're all smitten. Especially the O'Sullivan brothers. Two hardworking boys--Sean and Finn--who were abandoned by their flighty mother. When Roza disappears and Finn can't provide an accurate description of the man who took her, it changes everything.

But Finn refuses to forget about her, he's sure Roza is out there, and is determined to find her...

That barely describes the true scope of this beautiful story. The small town is vivid, yet strange. The people are strange, yet intriguing. The story is intriguing and wonderful.

I loved the characters. Finn is a pretty boy, but everyone thinks he's weird. Roza is a beautiful girl everyone underestimates. Sean is a gentle giant who gave up a dream to become his brother's guardian. Petey is a smart, determined girl, but all everyone sees is that she's not pretty. And the all the animals--cats, horse, goat, dogs, bees chickens--are wonderful.

The fantastical element is both magical and dark. Mythology gets all twisted up with real life and obsession and kidnapping and fantasy. It's a truly amazing mix that makes this book a very special experience.

I loved the odd and quirky qualities. I loved how it explores what people really notice about others. Some only see the surface, others go deeper, while most make assumptions. But mostly, I loved how everything is balanced so well. This is storytelling at its best: great writing, unforgettable characters, vivid locations.

This book is a keeper!

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