Monday 17 October 2016


My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Okay. For the record, I absolutely LOVED Anna Dressed in Blood. It was creepy, engaging, the characters were awesome, the story original... I just loved it! So of course I was interested in reading this one.

Cas can't forget about Anna. And when she starts haunting him and asking for his help in getting out of hell, he becomes obsessed. All of a sudden, the ghost hunting becomes secondary, and he refuses to listen to anyone making any sense. Annnnnnd, that's how he ends up in London, where he plans to meet the Order...

I'm gonna stop right there.

While the first half of the book was interesting and even creepy in places, overall, this was nowhere near as good as the first book. Most of the time it seemed like the story was going nowhere. Cas was so obsessed with Anna that he started to irritate me. All of the freaky stuff that made the first book awesome and fresh definitely did not carry over to this one. And when they go to the UK? Ugh. No. Nope.

I lost total interest.

Sometimes, revealing too much ruins the story. And personally, I don't think Anna's story needed to be a duology. I think one book would've been plenty.

It really pains me to give this book such a low rating because there were a few things I enjoyed (like Thomas & Carmel), but I just don't think it was necessary.

I don't know what's going on, but I've been reading several 'duologies' that really should've been left as stand-alone. Is this a trend to satisfy fan service? Because I hate it when sequels feel tacked on, rather than planned out from the beginning. :/

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