Friday 2 September 2016


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After absolutely loving Wink Poppy Midnight, I wanted to read more books written by this author. So I was super excited when I found this book at the library. :)

Violet and her twin brother Luke live in a crumbling mansion--named Citizen Kane--in a coastal town called Echo. Their parents are artists who are constantly chasing inspiration. So while they're off in Europe, the twins are left to spend the summer on their own. Just Vi, Luke and their friend (and neighbour) Sunshine.

Except, when Vi decides to rent out the guesthouse to make some money, a mysterious boy soon joins their group. River is interesting and alluring, so Vi is instantly captivated by him, and the feeling seems to be mutual. But strange things start happening when he arrives, and kids start talking about seeing the Devil in the cemetery.

River is hiding some very dangerous secrets. Things that will put everyone in danger, and Vi finds herself caught in a pretty bad spot...

Wow. This book is amazing. I love April Genevieve Tucholke's writing style. She's got this way of spinning a story that drags the reader in slowly but surely. Until all I wanted to do was follow Vi on this seductive and dangerous ride of attraction and manipulation.

I also loved the family secrets angle. I'm a sucker for deep, dark family secrets and small town stories. So, yeah. I was hooked on this deliciously wicked tale.

The characters are all so well written. Everyone's different, with good and bad running so deeply that when evil actually makes an appearance, it really takes your breath away. And Violet is such a cool narrator. She got caught up in mystery and romance, plus loved her grandmother Freddie so much she constantly talked about her, and even wore her clothes. It was so sweet.

This story is an amazing, atmospheric story with a super creepy edge. The creeping horror is subtle and touches on the supernatural. But the real horror is very much human.

Yep. Loved this!

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