Monday 18 July 2016

A Writing Decision

Hey! How's everyone doing? I'm good at the moment, though I wish hubby was still on break. He took a week off from work recently so he could spend my birthday with me. It was really nice and relaxing, but I feel sad that he had to go back. :(

Anyway. I made a decision a few weeks ago. One that might surprise some authors/readers. But I feel is right for me right now.

A few months ago I posted a sad and confusing blog post about what would happen with the last unpublished book I had contracted with Samhain Publishing after they closed their doors.

I ended up getting my rights back for RAISING SOME HELL, but it left me feeling bittersweet. The thought of having this particular book homeless and separated from the others was very disappointing.

There were several reasons why I was upset about the book not being published:

  • Willow's book is one I really wanted to share because the story takes place five years after A STITCH ON TIME.
  • This happens to be the final book in the Elsewhere duology.
  • The kick-ass cover was perfect.
  • I was hoping the whole series would be published in one place.
  • I didn't know what to do with a book that continues the story of an already established UF series.

The above are all very relevant reasons to be concerned and upset. So when I found out that Samhain Publishing is not closing after all, it got me thinking...

I suddenly wondered if it might be a good idea to consider re-submitting RSH to Samhain... I mean, the other books in the series are already there. After some serious thought and several chats with hubby, I decided that it was definitely something worth doing.

So... I dit it! I've re-signed a contract for RAISING SOME HELL! Placing RSH with Samhain Publishing is the right thing for this book and series.

Willow's story is back on. I don't have a new release date. I don't know if the cover will be the same. I'm not even sure when the next step will happen. But to be honest, I'm in no rush. I'm just happy to have made this decision.

I know that Samhain's sudden No Longer Closing announcement has stirred very mixed reactions. But for this particular book, staying with them just makes sense. I hope that the company gets back on track and re-establishes the reputation it carried for so many years. It would be a real shame if it didn't.

So, there you have it: a real writing update.  :)

I'll be sure to post more as I get the details. 

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