Thursday 2 June 2016

A Break During Revision

Can you believe it's June?! And what's even worse is that winter has finally arrived. I can no longer get away with wearing a tee during my morning walk, and that makes me sad. It's back to jackets, jumpers and raincoats. Ugh.

So, in last week's post I mentioned that I would spend this week reading through my WIP. But then, over the weekend I decided not to do that. To give myself more distance from the story, I decided to instead take this week off as well. 

Then I ended up doing some tweaking: searching/replacing overused words, adding an ongoing thread for a forgotten character, and making sure to cross off all major points from my revision list.

When I do the read-thru, I really just want it to be about reading the story from start to finish to make sure everything makes sense. I'll be looking out for typos, missing words, and overall inconsistencies. Hopefully I won't find too much there, but when dealing with a historical, I probably will.

BTW, after the tweaks, the word count has once again crept into 100k territory. Oh well. I don't care. Whatever it takes to get the story across is cool with me. But I don't want to touch the ms at all until then.

Instead, I've been sorting through some random stuff, which includes trying to figure out what review book to read next. I HAVE SO MANY! O_o

Speaking of reviews, I read two AWESOME books last week:

I wanted to mention these two books because I LOVED both of them for completely different reasons. GoF is such a messed up, twisty tale about the power of obsessive female friendship set during the early 1990's. TLoDB is a beautiful tale of forbidden love between two starcrossed teenagers on-board a spaceship.

Like I said, very different stories but awesome in their own way. They're already on my Keeper Shelf. There's just something really special about reading a book you love so much that you keep thinking about it long after you're finished. Love that!

Anyway. That's about it for now. I just hope that the weather picks up a bit, because these dark and dreary rainy days totally suck.

Have a good week!

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