Tuesday 24 May 2016

Revision Plan Complete!

So. Here we are, two weeks later. And fast approaching the end of May. Yikes. 

I'm not happy about how quickly this year is moving. O_o

Last Friday I completed the third draft of my 1980's YA novel. Yay. I ended up cutting a bunch of words. Well, to be honest, I deleted a whole chapter and then some. Which was sad, because I really liked that chapter. It was a lot of fun to write. One of those vivid scenes I could see so clearly inside my mind, it felt like the montage part of the story. LOL.

Oh well. If this book ever gets published, maybe I can post this cut scene on my blog as an extra. :P

Now, let's get the numbers out of the way...

New word count is: 99,804.
Page count is now: 276.

I ended up cutting over 5k words.

I'm happy with that!

Yesterday, I opened the document again so I could take care of the sticky notes Tweak List I had left over from Friday. And that's also done, which means it's time to put it away for a bit.

Next week, I'll put the ms on my Kindle and read it from start to finish. The story always looks different when read on my Paperwhite. It makes glaring mistakes stand out. After that, it's time to pass it onto my daughter. She's gonna beta read the novel for me, and has actually been looking forward to it since I first showed her the very rough beginning.

Hope she likes it.

Well, there you have it. I'm one step closer to reaching the end of this story. That's why personal goals are so important. They keep your mind sharp and the hunger of writing fed. Until this project is done, I can't bring myself to concentrate on anything else.

I guess this means that the rest of this week will be dedicated to catching up on all the things I neglected during my frenzied third draft binge.

Have a great week!

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