Friday 15 April 2016


It feels like I've fallen behind on just about everything lately, so this time I've decided to post the contents of the February and March HORROR BLOCK boxes together.

As you all know, this is what the box looks like every month:

Here's a quick look at how they were packed...


(February is on the left. March is on the right.)

As you can see, there seems to be a zombie theme both times.

And here's what was inside:


Once again, February contents are on the left and the right is what came in March.

I was actually very happy with both boxes, though I have to admit that I'm really over the magazine. I wish they would swap it for something else, I really do.

Anyway. The zombie stuff is all exclusive to HORROR BLOCK and kicks-ass.

This is still my favourite subscription box. :)

Have a Horror Friday!

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