Wednesday 3 February 2016

I have a new cover!

The other day I received the final cover for Elsewhere, Book 2 and it is AWESOME! 

 Take a look at this beauty:


Well, what do you think? It's cool, right? :)

Kanaxa has done it yet again! She made the Sierra Fox covers, and also the first cover for this series, so she always knows exactly what I'm looking for. Sometimes better than I do. LOL. She actually came up with the very cool concept of black and white kick-ass chick, and I think she's pulled it off again, perfectly!

I love how well she captured Willow's power with a bit of vibrant colour. Unlike Lavie and Sierra she doesn't really use weapons, and I love how this cover portrays that.

Check out how good the two books look together:


OMG. They're both awesome! 

 I haven't got the final blurb yet, but this just about sums it up: 

Five years after the events of A Stitch on Time, Willow is all grown up and living in Wollongong. She's now a parapsychologist, and because she's a necromancer she can't get away from the odd poltergeist sighting. She might be far from Sierra's influence, but trouble still has a knack of following her around. And when she crosses paths with an old crush, life gets a lot more complicated...

Just like Lavie's story, this is a stand alone but you'll recognise a bunch of characters... especially the love interest. ;) 

 If you're interested in meeting Lavie, Willow, and all the other characters in this world, you can read Sierra's 5-book adventure. But it's not essential. 


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