Tuesday 5 January 2016

Keep Track of Them Words

Around this time last year I posted about the very cool Tracking Sheets I'd found via Twitter. More specifically, I mentioned they were very handy spreadsheets made by author Sidney Bristol.
Since I just downloaded the 2016 versions, I thought I'd post my 2015 summary.
Last year's totals surprised me because 2015 wasn't a particularly great writing year. My productivity, inspiration and creativity took a downward spiral when I started dealing with several publishing issues that I had no control over. Those issues aren't completely done yet, but I've managed to move on.
Leaving the bitterness, disappointment and negativity associated with this behind is the only way to move on. Because I sure as hell am not going to let outside forces cripple my writing enthusiasm again. No way. And if that means taking a year to just do what I love best--write--than so be it.
Still, in spite of all of the above, I managed to write 162,503 words and edited/revised 2,828 pages.
I'm actually quite happy with that because it means that I wrote two first drafts, edited two books, revised two more and found my way back to writing. Yay! Not to mention that I signed the contracts for the two SIERRA FOX spin-off novels. That means all of the books set in Sierra's dangerous UF world will be available in the one place.
January is usually a slow month for me because my daughter doesn't start the new school year until the 29th, plus the start of the year always feel sluggish and out of sorts. But I'll get myself back into the groove soon enough.
In the meantime, if you decide to check out or use the tracking sheets, be sure to let Sidney know on her blog or on Twitter. After all, offering this for free is an awfully kind thing to do. 
Let's call 2016 the year of happy writing! ;)

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