Saturday 25 July 2015


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The other day I said I was in a thriller-kinda mood... and then remembered that I've had this book in my Google Play app for a while.

As soon as I started, I was hooked.

Christine wakes up every morning without any memories. She doesn't know how old she is, who the man lying beside her is, or what she did the day before. Luckily, her husband Ben answers all her questions. Every. Single. Day.

But when Dr. Nash starts to help her and encourages her to start a journal, everything changes. She decides to hide it and writes everything down. Then reads it every day.

The more she reads, the less she trusts Ben and wonders why there are so many holes in the information he provides. But delving into her past could turn deadly...

Wow. What an addictive story! I raced through this book because I couldn't wait to find out where Christine's suspicions were going to lead. The conclusion is so messed up, but fascinating.

Loved this book, and enjoyed studying the clues as Christine uncovered them. It was also such a sad story. I can't imagine how awful it would be to forget your life every time you fall asleep. :(

Great book!

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