Saturday 16 May 2015


Well, it's that scary time of the month when HORROR BLOCK arrives and I'm filled with excitement because I can't wait to see what's inside.
Like I mentioned last month we no longer look online to watch any unboxing videos for this one because we like to be surprised. I did know that there was going to be something Ghostbusters, Bates Motel, and Evil Dead, but had no idea what.
Here's what the first glimpse revealed:
Ooooooh. SO many goodies packed inside. No, seriously, the box was bulging at the top because there was so much inside. :)
And here are all the awesome goodies: 
Do you see all the amazing stuff that was packed inside this month? OMGosh, I honestly didn't think they could outdo last month's Block, but this is another FANTASTIC box. I LOVED everything inside. SO darn cool.
I have to admit that I think HORROR BLOCK is the best subscription box we get. I mean, not only have I been a horror freak since my teens, but this genre lends itself to SO MANY awesome items. I just love this box.
Wonder what they'll come up with next time...
Horror-ble day to ya! ;)

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