Tuesday 31 March 2015


Hey, it's that scary time of the month again! :P

HORROR BLOCK arrived yesterday. Yay.
We were very excited about this one because all we knew about the March mystery box was that there would be two The Walking Dead items and an exclusive print. We didn't even look online for any unboxing videos, so it was all very exciting.
We couldn't wait to see what was inside this awesome box...
This is what we saw as soon as we opened it:
They packed it really well so that you couldn't see anything underneath the T-shirt. But as soon as I saw this, I knew what one of The Walking Dead items would be... and who it was about. ;)
Check out ALL the goodies:
Can you see all that horror goodness?
Yikes! I was very happy with this month's HORROR BLOCK.
Seriously, if you've been a horror fan for a while, this mystery box is awesome. Whoever picks out the products knows their genre. From what I've seen there have also been some obscure horror references that not everyone gets. But I did. ;) Which is very cool!
I liked everything inside, but you gotta see the tee properly:  

Daryl Dixon is one of my favourite characters on this show, and this T-shirt captures SO MUCH of what makes him awesome. It's badass and super cool. I love it.
Also, I can't believe how awesome the print is:
It was made by Lee Howard, who happens to make some very cool horror artworks.
I might have (secretly) been hoping to get the Jason print, but Pinhead is another one of my faves and this looks amazing, so... I love it!
Well, as you can see, my horror craving has been fulfilled for another month. I can't wait to see what comes in the April box. But before that, we actually ordered a Grab Block, which should be heading our way soon...
Have a horror-some day!

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