Thursday 2 April 2015

Hey, how you doing?

As you can tell from my picture, my Reading Break somehow extended into this week. :)
Hubby had a 4-day weekend, and is having another one this week because of the Easter break, so it wasn't worth starting anything new/getting stuck into any projects for three days.
So, instead I read. And organised some stuff.

The organising and reshuffling seems to be a never-ending thing.
We also got flu shots. We got them last year and they really helped us get through the winter months without catching the flu/cold. It's an amazing thing, because several times we'd each get cold symptoms that didn't develop into anything. Which is super cool.
Did you take part in Earth Hour? We did. We've been doing this for years now. Hubby and I grab a DS each and get stuck into some serious Mario Karting. It' a lot of fun, and has become a tradition. Mario Kart by Candlelight. ;) 
Oh, and after almost a year of putting it off, hubby dyed my hair a nice shade of red--very similar to the pic. The reason involves a boring and long tale of having to switch to a new kind of dye because they no longer make the one I was using before, but at least I stayed with the same brand. And, I love the colour. Looks nice and shiny. Plus, I trimmed my hair today. It was getting a bit too 80s puffy for my liking. LOL.
When I'm not reading, I'm dealing with a head full of stuff.
I've been thinking a lot about Willow's story, and even collected several 80s horror movie quotes I'd like to incorporate into the story. I've also been pondering starting a few different journals for different things. Especially since I've been collecting a LOT of inspirational pics that are sparking new ideas...
Today also happened to be my daughter's last day of Term 1. She'll be home for two weeks, so I'm not sure how that will impact my productivity. Either way, I think I need to reshuffle a few projects and goal dates until July. I still want to achieve the same things, but maybe move them around. There are projects I really want to finalise by the end of this year, while also spending the second half working on and developing new ideas. I think it's time to spend some time in new, exciting worlds.
But for now, I'm going to enjoy the weekend.
Have a great one!

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