Friday 6 March 2015


Remember how I stopped by the other day to chat about LOOT CRATE, and mentioned I was looking forward to HORROR BLOCK? Well, it arrived yesterday.
I love the way they designed this box:
It arrived in really good condition so I'll be keeping it this month.
Last month I had to ditch it because it was damaged. :/
So, here's what was inside:

 And here are the horror goodies:

There are some really cool things in this month's mystery box! I love that vampire watch and the zombie infection plushie is cool. And although I already have BITTEN, this is a different edition. So, cool.
I think my fave thing is this tee:

 It's just SO classy. I love how macabre and beautiful it is. I'm definitely looking forward to wearing this one. :)
I pretty much kept everything, except the zombie canister. Ewwww. :P
Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it arrived this month. It took about a week, which is a LOT better than two.
Looking forward to getting the next one!
Have a horror-ble day.

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