Thursday 26 March 2015

SERVANTS OF THE STORM by Delilah S. Dawson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. I read this book in a whirlwind of Must Get To The End Because I Need To Know What Happens. Seriously, I started reading this because I wanted to see what it was like and before I realised it, I was so hooked that I just kept reading.

Dovey lives in Savannah, Georgia and when Hurricane Josephine hits she loses her best friend to the savage storm. She becomes so traumatised that the beginning of this book is her going from one time to another, obviously grieving so much that she can barely function. And that's why she's been on antipsychotic medication for the past year, watching the world go by in a haze that she mostly can't remember. But that all changes when she actually sees her friend, Carly. That's when she decides to stop taking the pills and goes to great lengths to keep up the pretence with her parents.

Getting off the medication opens her eyes to just how badly Savannah was damaged by Josephine, but a chance encounter with a mysterious bartender called Isaac really affects her. Suddenly she can see some really awful and dark things around the place she's grown up, and slowly starts to realise that Josephine might not just be the name of a storm, but the name of something a lot more dangerous. Something that dwells in the dark and has brought a lot of monstrous things to Savannah.

Still, all she cares about is finding her friend, which soon becomes a mission to save the very souls of everyone Dovey cares about.

I seriously LOVED this book. It's one of those really creepy stories that drags you in and takes you for one hell of a ride. This book is just like that spooky roller coaster Dovey rides with her friend. :/

Half the time you're left wondering if everything that Dovey is uncovering is due to her mental anguish/illness, or because she's discovered an unimaginable evil. The pendulum swings from real to delusional many times, but I'm pretty sure I know which is true after that ending. Yikes!

I loved this very intriguing, interesting, creepy YA horror story with a freaky cover. Not just because of the creepy factor, but because of how well it's written. And because of the super spooky setting. I was also captivated by the large cast of characters and really hope to visit this shadowy world again.

Please tell me there's a sequel!

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