Monday 5 January 2015


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OMG. I loved this book! She-Hulk is a character that I've always been interested in but haven't read enough about. So when I found out about this book I was very interested in checking it out. Glad that I did!

Jennifer Walters starts out the year with no job, no prospects, no apartment, and no boyfriend. She also has a problem with her clothes being ruined. So when someone gives her a journal, she decides to start a diary and set goals for herself. Of course, Jen isn't your average girl. She happens to transform from quiet lawyer to party girl Shulky. She's a superhero, but the others don't want to have anything to do with her.

She-Hulk is fearless, careless, and leaves a trail of destruction behind her.

However, when Jen gets a job with a top firm, things start turning around. Even though she runs into the one guy she really cared about and he's engaged to a Hammerhead. LOL. And it takes her forever to find an apartment. Plus there's a new villain in town: Superbrat.

I had a lot of FUN reading this book. There was a bit of everything: superhero antics, pesky villains, alluring men, great friendships, romance, action, and a cool twist. I loved seeing the tender, caring side of both Jen and Shulky. It was also really cool to see her transform in so many ways and realise that one of her most important goals was self-acceptance of both sides of the same woman.

Like I said, this was great. It's funny, quirky, fun and made me love She-Hulk. She honestly rocks!

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