Thursday 13 June 2013


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OMG. This book was SO MUCH FUN! I loved it. I just couldn't put it down. And isn't the cover totally cute? :)

Zoey and her best friend Sara are busy wedding planners. Zoey has always been prone to helping others and can even read their feelings, which gives her migraines. She always assumed everyone could do it as well, until the closet monster from her childhood enters her life and changes everything.

Now, she has to come to terms with monsters being real and offers shelter to Maurice (closet monster) as well as others who need help. It wouldn't be so bad, since she likes to help people anyway, but she's caught the eye of a relentless incubus who won't stop until he consumes every female she's connected to in an attempt to get to her. At least there's a sexy reaper watching her back, and a very helpful new friend.

I had a blast reading this book. It was funny, interesting, even creepy, and the worldbuilding is fantastic! The characters are really cool too, especially Zoey. She's so nice to everybody! It was great to see her taking charge of her own power, and that she's willing to accept help when needed. I love strong characters with vulnerabilities, but determination.

I'm just glad I've already got the second book on my Kindle...

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