Thursday 13 June 2013

Another week is almost over...

So. I received my SPLIT AT THE SEAMS print copies last week, which is always exciting. And I have to say that they're beautiful. Love them. *hugs them all*
In case you were wondering, it'll be available in print on July 2. Two weeks after the eBook release of the third book in Sierra's series. Yay!
This week is a bit of a filler week. I've got some stuff to cross off my to-do list, and while I'm between books is the best time to tackle it. Not to mention putting together a What's-Left-of-2013-To-do List, which I totally did over the long weekend. ;)
So far, I've spent a lot of this week transferring my RECAST notes and research into an actual notebook. Doing this is really helping me get in the mood for writing the next story in this series. :) I'm looking forward to tackling what I'm calling MyRobotStory. Not sure exactly when I'll start, but the snippets are coming and the characters are talking. That means it's almost time. LOL.
I'm also putting time aside for reading. I finished two books already, and started a third one last night. So far, I've enjoyed all of them and can't wait to get stuck into more...
Asides from that, not much else is going on. I just wanted to post a little catch-up post.

Oh, did you watch the Game Of Thrones season finale? I thought it was probably the best episode all season. Yeah. I'm looking forward to getting a break from it though.
Well. See ya! 

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