Thursday 4 October 2012

What? It's October already?

Um, yeah. It is. And it kinda snuck up on me. O_o
Oh well, what can you do? Can't slow the days down. *shrugs*
Do you like the toucan drawing? My daughter made it on her iPad. I think it's really cool, and cute. Love adding pictures she made to my blog posts.
So, what have I been doing this week? A lot of non-writing stuff.
This is my daughter's last week of school holidays so I didn't want to get stuck into anything too involved. Instead, I've been tackling smaller jobs--which mainly involves tweaking (and more tweaking) bits from Sierra Fox #3. :/ I know. I can't help myself. LOL.
I've also been reading a bunch of short stories/novellas, hanging out with my daughter (and hubby because we had a long weekend), going for walks, catching up on some domestic stuff, and trying to reorganise my bookshelves. The last one happens to be a never-ending job, but I love going through them.
Next week, I will be reading SF#3 one last time--on my phone. I think this will help me spot any last-minute typos, and anything that stands out. I also have Kingsoft Office for Android on my Note, so that means I can make any changes I need to on my phone. How cool is that? Oh, and I have to write that pesky synopsis, which I was supposed to do this week...
One of my publishers--Evernight Publishing--is having a huge birthday celebration sale at the moment. You can buy a bunch of books for 99c, and my Halloween themed PNR is one of them. That's right, you can pick up a copy of The Soul Dealer, Book 1: DECEPTION for a buck. Not bad, huh? You can check out the whole list here!
I seriously can't believe how quickly these school holidays have gone. My gosh. And I'm really enjoying having my daughter home. The older she gets, the more fun we have together. She's becoming quite the joker, and constantly cracks me up.
Well, I've got a load of clothes I need to put out on the balcony--I know, the glamorous life, right?--so I better get going. Hope everyone's having a great week.
Catch'a later!

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