Friday 5 October 2012


Mommy issues of the dead (Marla Mason, Prequel #4)
This short story chronicles an early adventure of Marla Mason, when she was a young mercenary sorcerer doing dirty jobs in exchange for secret knowledge. The subterranean sorcerer Viscarro hires Marla to steal a certain item from one of his rivals... who just happens to be his brother. Soon Marla finds herself entangled in a dysfunctional family feud of epic proportions, and in danger of dying herself.
This is another Marla Mason prequel short story. It's set during her mercenary days, when she took jobs in exchange for knowledge and secrets.

The sorcerer Viscarro has a job for her, and although she can't take her trusty cloak with her, she still agrees to go to the mountains... and gets caught up in a messy family situation.

This is also the first time her thoughts really sway towards the mother she left behind, and in the process meets Regina--hope she makes an appearance in future books.

Well, as you can probably guess I loved this story. Every single Marla story I've read so far totally rocks!!

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