Friday 8 June 2012

THE CHOSEN SEED by Sarah Pinborough

The Dog Faced Gods trilogy comes to its thrilling conclusion.

Former DI Cass Jones is on the run and moving closer to finding his nephew, as well as the truth about The Bank and the mysterious Mr Bright. But for both sides the net is closing in...

This is the final book in The Dog-Faced Gods Trilogy, and after really enjoying A MATTER OF BLOOD and THE SHADOW OF THE SOUL I was looking forward to finding out how everything would turn out for Detective Inspector Cass Jones.

The festive season is approaching, but the people of London have good reason to stay off the streets. There's a new killer on the loose, and he's infecting people with the lethal Strain II virus. Everyone's worried, paranoid, and desperate not to become another victim.

Former DI Cass Jones is on the run after he was framed for murder. But he won't be stopped from searching for his kidnapped nephew. No matter what it takes, and what he has to risk, he's determined to find the child. And if it means taking down the manipulative and mysterious Mr. Bright, that's even better.

At the same time, things within the Network are falling apart. The strong and shadowy members of this group become involved in a power struggle that will destroy the world, literally bringing Armageddon.

When Cass finds himself getting help from an unlikely source, he begins to dig deeper and deeper into The Bank and just how much they seem to control the world. As all these events quickly culminate to an explosive conclusion with some amazing answers, he also realises his family plays a big part in everything.

The Chosen Seed turned out to be an amazing conclusion to this dark and gritty trilogy. I absolutely loved every second of it. The tension kept me on the edge of my seat as bit by bit, the truth behind the mystery Cass has been chasing for so long was slowly revealed.

BTW, I loved the outstanding revelation. Wow.

The Chosen Seed, April 2012, ISBN 9780575089549, Gollancz

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