Monday 6 June 2011

THE SHADOW OF THE SOUL by Sarah Pinborough

His dead brother has set DI Cass Jones a task from beyond the grave: to find his baby, Cass' nephew, stolen at birth...
DI Cass Jones is still dealing with the fallout of uncovering a major conspiracy within his own police station when a terrorist attack rocks London. At the same time he has his own investigation to worry about: young people are dying, apparently committing suicide - and they're all linked by the phrase Chaos in the Darkness, scrawled or sent as their last message to the world.

Then he's given a note from his dead brother Christian, written before his murder: the three words - 'They took Luke' - opens up a whole new can of worms, because Cass knows immediately who They are: Mr Bright and the shadowy Network. His dead brother has set him a task from beyond the grave - to find the baby, his nephew, stolen at birth. And as Cass tries to divide his time between all three investigations, it's not long before he discovers links where there should not be. The mysterious Mr Bright is once again pulling his strings and there's nothing DI Cass Jones hate more...

After reading the first book in The Dog-Faced Gods Trilogy last year, I was really looking forward to reading this book! And let me start of by saying: Wow!

DI Cass Jones lives in a very dark future London, where most of the world is in financial ruin, crime is pretty much everywhere, diseases are more common and deadly, and most people lead impossibly hard lives. To add to that, London is rocked by a terrorist attack, which is later mirrored in two other cities around the world. Except, these aren't your average terrorists.

This might not be a case Cass is investigating, but he does get dragged into it. Even if he's too busy trying to figure out why so many university students are suddenly killing themselves and leaving behind this message: Chaos in the darkness. He also receives a message that his dead brother left for him, claiming that his child (Cass's nephew) is still alive because 'They' took him.

At first none of these strange and bizarre events seem to be connected, but the more Cass finds out, the further he's dragged into the mess that's going on around him. And he starts to figure out that all of these events are not just connected, but all lead back to the one man: Mr. Bright.

But Mr. Bright isn't alone this time. There are more like him and they have plans for the world, while they play their mysterious and dangerous games of betrayal.

The characters in this book are amazingly real, and wicked. It's once again written in the shared POV of several of them, giving us a peek into what some of the other players are getting up to.

The Shadow of the Soul is an amazing book. I was instantly sucked into this bleak and hardened world, and got so caught up that the tension and danger at every point had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't wait to see where everything was going to lead. Although there were a few crumbs of explanation, just like everything else about this trilogy so far, nothing is as it seems and I was left with more questions than answers.

I love the shadowy existence of The Bank, and now that we know a little bit more about them, I can't wait for the last book!        

The Shadow of the Soul: The Dog-Faced Gods #2, May 2011, ISBN 9780575089501, Gollancz Paperback

H&UFRC books read: 26/24

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