Friday 6 April 2012

THE WALKING DEAD, Vol 14: No Way Out by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

As the Eisner Award-winning series continues, no one in The Community is safefrom what happens within its walls.

The fourteenth volume of The Walking Dead includes issues 79-84, and everything they've fought so hard to escape finally catches up with them...

The secure community this group of survivors is now living in--or is that pretending to be happy living in?--slowly falls apart when the walking dead break through the fences and invade their streets. They try to secure the breach, but there are just too many zombies pressing against it.

This turned out to be another shocking installment, one that once again changes Rick because what he's dreaded the most actually happens. Poor Carl. :(

Can't wait to see what happens next. This series is so addictive. I gotta keep reading!

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