Saturday 4 February 2012

Hello, it's the weekend!

So what am I doing blogging? I don't usually blog on the weekend, right?

Well, I'm shaking things up a bit this week. lol.

I hope you've all had a great week. Here in Sydney, the weather's been playing up again. We had a nice and super hot summer day on Monday, and then the rain settled in for the rest of it. Not. Impressed. At. All. This is turning out to be the worst non-summer ever.

Anyway, my daughter went back to school this week. She's now in her last year of primary school and seems to be happy with the class she's been put in. Although she was a bit hesitant about going back. Yeah, six weeks of holidays can do that to ya, I suppose.

Me? It's taking me a while to get into the swing of things too, so I took it easy this week. After a January that was filled with edits, promo, school holidays, and stuff, I was glad to settle down and relax for a bit. I pretty much spent most if it reading these:

They were an awesome selection of YA books, and I enjoyed all of them!

I also spent some time brainstorming the rewrite I'll be working on next week. I had a bunch of notes I had to take, things that kept whirling around inside my head and I didn't want to forget. I've also managed to figure out what I think was missing from the story. I think. No, I'm pretty sure I have. ;)

Well, that's about it. Oh, no, hold on... there is one other thing. I've seen the cover draft for the first Sierra Fox book, and I have to say: Wow! I can't wait to get the final so I can share it. I keep checking my Inbox a thousand times a day... Soon, I hope.

Okay. Have an excellent weekend! I'm looking forward to hubby coming back from work. Yeah, I know. It sucks that he's working on a Saturday, but he should be back after midday. So that's not so bad.

See ya!

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