Monday 30 January 2012

PURE by Julianna Baggott

A stunning coming of age novel set in a richly imagined post-apocalyptic world. For fans of THE PASSAGE and THE HUNGER GAMES this is a fantastic addition to the growing cannon of dystopian fiction.

We know you are here, our brothers and sisters. We will, one day, emerge from the Dome to join you in peace. For now, we watch from afar, benevolently.

Pressia Belze has lived outside of the Dome ever since the detonations. Struggling for survival she dreams of life inside the safety of the Dome with the 'Pure'.

Partridge, himself a Pure, knows that life inside the Dome, under the strict control of the leaders' regime, isn't as perfect as others think.

Bound by a history that neither can clearly remember, Pressia and Partridge are destined to forge a new world.

Before I started reading this book, I'd heard great things about it. But I have to admit, nothing prepared me for the story I was thrown into. Wow.

Pressia Belze is almost sixteen years old, which means she'll soon be forced to become a soldier for the OSR (Operation Sacred Revolution). She lives with her grandfather inside a rundown barbershop, in a devastated and dangerous world. Nine years after the Detonations which destroyed the landscape and caused unimaginable deformities in those outside at the point of impact, there are two classes--the wretches and the Pure. The wretches are a variety of 'fused' individuals who survived outside the Dome. The Pure live inside the Dome and have a seemingly sheltered life.

Partridge Willux lives inside the Dome, but when he stumbles upon the contents of his mother's personal items metal box, his whole perspective shifts. All of a sudden he's not happy with life in the Dome and longs to go outside to search for his mother--who he now believes is still alive. However, when he gets outside, he realises it's nothing like he imagined. Or the way they were taught in the academy.

When Pressia is running from the OSR and stumbles on a Pure--who happens to be Partridge--being attacked, she helps him. After that Pressia and Partridge team up, and with the help of the savvy Bradwell, the three set off in search of the saint who might be able to shed some light on many mysteries surrounding the Detonations. However, not everything is as it seems and their landscape is filled with dangerous, terrifying creatures, and a conspiracy that chases both of them until they start to realise that everything is connected...

Pure is in one word: amazing! It's a highly imaginative and vivid story of loss, sadness, and destruction. It's also a wonderful tale of hope, acceptance, and family. I absolutely loved every minute of it and was intrigued from the very first chapter. I couldn't wait to see what Pressia discovered about herself, and was stunned at all the revelations. I also enjoyed the multi-POV throughout the book, it gave us a wider look at what was going on from every angle.

It was very clever, well written, and effective.

Now, when does the next book in the trilogy come out? I can't wait for it!        

Pure, February 2012, ISBN 9780755385485, Headline Fiction

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