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Sadie Walker fights for survival as the dead close in...

In the months since The Outbreak, Seattle has become a walled fortress - the Infected are kept at bay, and the survivors are trying to scrape back a life. But the city is rife with crime, religious cults and black-market dealings. And things are about to get much, much worse.

When a group of frustrated fanatics, the 'Repopulationists', destroy part of the wall, zombies start swarming the city. Sadie, devastated by the brutal kidnapping of her young nephew, must find him and get them both out before it's too late. But the only escape is by sea, and she's seen for herself the horrible fate of those who tried that route before...

After reading Allison Hewitt is Trapped last year, I was really looking forward to reading this one. And it certainly didn't disappoint!

Sadie Walker is an illustrator. She lives in Seattle with her nephew, Shane, and boyfriend, Carl. Months have passed since The Outbreak and the city is barricaded, so the undead can't get in. Life is hard and the population remains at risk from religious cults, crime, and a thriving black market. It's dangerous and everyone does their best to put food on the table and try to live a normal life.

Sadie continues to do what she loves--drawing. As well as making sure that Shane and her are relatively safe.

The morning her boyfriend betrays her, the new life she's gotten used to collapses around her. And when she wakes up after being unconscious for a day, she finds out that thanks to the crazy cult, zombies have breached the city walls and are contaminating it. It's chaos, and her nephew is missing. However, as her friend Andrea is dragging her to safety, she miraculously spots Shane and saves him from the kidnappers who took him.

This is only the start of a new, much harsher ordeal. As the three join a misfit crew on a boat that gets them away from the city, but into deep waters that aren't safe... because the undead seem to be getting smarter and can swim. As if that's not bad enough, being shipwrecked on an island with a mysterious group of seemingly nice people, a horde of zombies, and a killer, is definitely going to make survival a lot harder.

It pushes Sadie to the limits, which is when her fighter spirit really starts to shine through. I loved her indecision, honesty, and the sheer ferocity of how she tackled the responsibility for a boy she wants to keep safe. While staying loyal to the friendships she builds along the way.

Sadie Walker is Stranded is an amazing fast-paced book guaranteed to satisfy every zombie fan. Actually, even if you're not into zombies, you'll love this one. From start to finish, the tension is thick as you follow Sadie on a hopeless quest for survival in a world where zombies are waiting to tear the living apart, and the living are slowly but surely going insane.

There are also some tender moments and a wonderful, interesting cast of characters you can't help but approach with caution as the mystery on the island starts to unfold.

This is one seriously awesome book, and I (really, really) hope there are going to be more in this series. :)        

Sadie Walker is Stranded, January 2012, ISBN 9780755379163, Headline Fiction

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