Tuesday 31 January 2012

Hey, it's a new week!

And almost February. Yikes!

My daughter went back to school yesterday, so I'm still trying to get myself into the swing of having the whole day to myself. I wound up finishing the book I was reading and writing a review for it. I know, very productive. Not. ;)

Remember how I made this voodoo pincushion for my daughter a few weeks ago? Well, I forgot to post a photo of the second one I made for her...

<--- So, here it is. What do you think? I like it more than the first one. But I suppose the more I make, the better they'll turn out, right? Maybe. Still, I really like this one. :)

Oh, on Friday night hubby, daughter, and I went to the MCR concert. OMG. It was fantastic! My ears were ringing for a few days and I kinda lost my voice because I was singing along so much, but it was so worth it. They were awesome, and we had a lot of fun! Now we've seen our two favourite bands live in concert. So very cool. And my daughter's only 11. LOL.

We were all on such a high after the concert and having a 4-day weekend with hubby, that it was hard to settle back into a normal working/school week yesterday. O_o

Anyway. Today, I'd like to do some brainstorming on the R&R I'm going to be working on next. That's my first project for this year. I really want to make this story stronger, make better sense of it, as well as setting a more romantic mood in it. It's going to be a lot of hard work, but I believe in this story and want to do it justice. So, that's what I'm hoping to make some headway on today...

Well. I hope you all have an awesome day!

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