Tuesday 20 September 2011


How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was great. There was a lot of walking, some lovely meals, excellent company, lotsa reading, and much Burn Notice watching.

That's right. We were really behind, so we decided to catch up on Season 4. We had heaps of eps to watch, but managed to get to the end. We even watched Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe.

Actually, we've now also watched the first 4 eps of Season 5. Awesome. I love this show!

Anyway. This week, I've decided to start writing the first draft of Recast #3. Yesterday, hubby came home early from work so I didn't actually get any words down, but I did get heaps of pages of notes done. Enough to get the story well on the way. This morning, however, I wrote 2,036 words. I'm happy with the start and can't wait to get totally stuck into it. I'm aiming for 40-50k words. I'd like it to be category length, just like the two previous Recast stories.

Well, that's it for today. I need to get ready to head out soon. So, see ya later! :)

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