Wednesday 20 July 2011


You know how most people chat about the weather when they don't have anything else to talk about? Well, I talk about the weather all the time. Seriously. I like to talk about it when it's nice, when it's crappy, and even in between. It makes no difference to me. I just like it. ;)


At the moment, we're in the middle of winter and have been having some pretty shitty weather. Like, the sun might be out for several days, and then the rain sets in for a lot longer. As well as some crazy-ass wind. They're both pretty bad on their own, but when they hit together--it's horrid!

Yesterday started out as a sunny, mildly cold morning. It was lovely, really. Cold, but still nice enough to enjoy my daily walk by the river. Then, when I sat down at the computer after lunch, I noticed the sun had disappeared, and then the temperature plummeted to almost artic conditions. Oh, and as soon as I stepped outside, it started to rain. :( Talk about crappy. By the time we got back from picking my daughter up from school, the wind had picked up, too. And during the night, the combination of torrential rain and horrible wind woke me up several times. Boo! 

The torrential rain seems to have stopped for now, but only 30 minutes ago, it was going nuts out there. Which makes it really hard for getting my daughter to school. Not just because we walk there--which will be hard enough--but it will also be pretty cold and hellish at school. What to do??

Ugh. Winter sucks.

So. Anyway. Remember that small to-do list I had yesterday? Well, I managed to cross everything off. Yay. It always feels great when you set goals for yourself and get them done. :)

Today, I've decided to take it easy. Have a kinda day off from things, which will probably entail me trying to organise my writing schedule from now, until the end of the year. :) Besides, I haven't been feeling the best this week. I've got some cold and/or flu symptons. So every workout I do takes it out of me, but at the same time, it helps strengthen me against being sick. Catch 22, anyone? lol.

What else? Oh yeah, I read this small article the other day. It's about how Charlaine Harris will be ending the Sookie Stackhouse series at Book 13. This makes me sad, because I love the series and I'll miss Sookie and the gang. But it also makes me wonder what other series she'll introduce us to. I loved the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series, the Lily Bard Mysteries series, and the Harper Connelly series. So I can't wait to see which character/s and world she'll be releasing next...

Well, just spoke to my daughter and it looks like she wants to go to school. O_o Ah, okay. Looks like I'll be getting pummelled by the rain and wind very soon. Unless Mother Nature decides to give me a break and stops for a tiny while. Cross your fingers for me.

See ya!

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